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Corporate culture

Corporate culture: integrity, dedication, pragmatic, innovation, accumulation, take-off

Company development concept:

1, to the quality of life, customer centered, honesty, innovation.

2, the market oriented, with the network as the foundation, to talent as the fundamental, to the development of the premise.

3, to the credibility of development, to management for efficiency.

4, unity of thinking, form a cohesive force, abilities and the strength of the team to maximize.

5, need to understand the customer, need to improve their own.

6, customer respect, want to customers think, urgent customer's urgent, customer recognition, is our enterprise survival and

development of the fundamental.

7, to win a customer not only need high-quality products, but also need to build up the trust, the loss of a customer is very easy.

8, attitude decides everything, details determine success or failure.

9, enterprise oriented, staff to plant for the glory

10, take good care of public property, cherish resources, thrift, common development.

Company target:

To improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, make CARLI become the leading brand in the industry!